Friends of Thomas Lowry Park

Our Mission:

100 more years.


Our Mission

Friends of Thomas Lowry Park provides support to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board for the tender care of Thomas Lowry Park. FTLP provides funds for biannual plantings, volunteer gardening help, and other park needs.

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Legacy of Thomas Lowry Park and Seven Pools

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In 1922, Lowry Hill residents petitioned the park board to purchase a triangular parcel of land planned for commercial development. The park board agreed and assessed the cost of the project, over a period of ten years, to Lowry Hill residents. Thomas Lowry Park has had a legacy of public- private partnership from its inception, due to the sacrifice and generosity of Lowry Hill residents.

Under the leadership of park superintendent Theodore Wirth, Phelps Wyman created the historic design of the signature Seven Pools, pergola and brick paths. Since then, this public space has been a backdrop for generations of cherished memories and events….weddings, family pictures, picnics and of course, small feet splashing in the pools!

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Our Project

Due to the age and condition of the concrete, Seven Pools needs to be completely reconstructed. It was costly to build in 1922 and it is costly to rebuild in 2020. Yet we believe Seven Pools is a treasure…a unique water feature that would never be built in a city park today. We are stewards of this gift and have been given the opportunity to pass it on for coming generations to enjoy as well. In order to maintain the historical integrity of the design, this process will begin with an extensive 3D modeling of the current structure. Current plans include the complete replacement of pool masonry, new underground plumbing, new pump vault and a recirculating pump.

Our Campaign

Through this effort, we are continuing the legacy of generosity and sacrifice demonstrated by Lowry Hill residents since 1922. We are stewards of a treasure.


Dollars Raised or Pledged

We are grateful.


Needed to Goal

Please help us save Seven Pools for another 100 years!


dollar Goal

We will do this together. Funds raised beyond cost of Seven Pools ($250,000) will be spent on improvements in Thomas Lowry Park.

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Better communities begin with simple decisions to act. Join our team today and together we can provide another 100 years of beauty in Thomas Lowry Park.


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Our park is a platform for community building and service. We look forward to seeing you!

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